2020 Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

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2020 Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s almost time for gorgeous holiday lighting decorations. Although this kind of lighting installation isn’t solely reserved for licensed electricians, a couple of useful tips from an expert can’t hurt.

Here are some cool outdoor Christmas lighting tips for the 2020 holiday season.

Mind the tree

When choosing a Christmas tree, some people go the easy route and get an artificial tree. Others prefer the real deal and get a genuine one. Keep in mind that the Christmas tree should survive at least four weeks, so ensure an abundance of water in the pot.

Caution is advised regarding Christmas tree lighting, especially if the tree is real. After a while, the dried-out branches start posing a fire hazard where typical Christmas lighting is concerned. To be safe, switch to LED lights—they emit much less heat. Plus, they’re more energy-efficient than standard lighting systems.

In any case, keep the Christmas lights off while you’re away or sleeping.

Careful with the extension cords

You can’t imagine Christmas without a clutter of extension cords—something’s going to have to provide power for all those lights. Be careful with extension cords, though. Overload them, and they can start burning or sparking, which can easily lead to a fire.

Before decorating, round up all your extension cords and check for charring or other kinds of damage. Discard the ones that are faulty and replace them with certified cords.

Still, certified or not, a cord can support limited power capacity before it’s in the risk zone of an overload. Mind the cord’s capacity and the light’s requirements.

Get proper equipment

It is inadvisable to decorate the home’s exterior or the backyard with Christmas lights that aren’t specifically made for outdoor use. Unlike standard lights, outdoor Christmas lighting can withstand moist and wet weather conditions.

Make sure to buy proper outdoor lighting decorations from a certified vendor. Remember, safety always comes first.

Keep the pets in mind

If you have pets in your home, the wiring needs extra securing. If the power source for the outdoor Christmas lighting is inside, the cat or dog might tamper with it. Pets also tend to chew on available cords. Have everything properly insulated and out of a pet’s reach to ensure their safety.

Careful with Christmas lighting

If not handled properly, outdoor Christmas lighting can turn into a hazard. It is best to take as much time as needed when decorating. Start early, plan it out beforehand, follow the above tips, and have a prosperous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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