Follow These Tips to Reduce Appliance Stress in Summer

With summer approaching, temperatures can rise quickly, but so can electricity bills and appliance stress. Ensure the appliances are not overworked with these simple tips. They will not only protect the appliances but will help save money at the end of each month! Chill with the cooling Cooling and heating costs amount to a whopping […]

Renovating Your Home? Consider These Electrical Upgrades

Home renovations aim to transform a house’s look and enhance its functionality. One of the most crucial yet often overlooked aspects of a home renovation, especially in older homes, is electrical upgrades. People’s electricity demands rise over the years due to the increased electrical equipment in the house, making it essential to upgrade the existing […]

Home Energy Hogs

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce sky-rocketing electric bills. The bad news is that some of the solutions have expensive up-front costs. There are always ways to efficiently manage the electric budget, but knowing which gadgets require the most power will help a homeowner concentrate on areas that will help […]

What Are Surge Protectors and How Do They Work?

Small power spikes are normal in any household. However, if they become stronger, they can damage electrical devices. As a counter, surge protectors can defend equipment against power surges. What is a surge protector? A surge protector or suppressor is a device that can recognize power surges, and when it does, it reroutes the electricity […]

What to Do if a GFCI Outlet Gets Wet

Water and electricity are always a hazardous combination. The results can be especially fatal when it comes to the home electrical system. A wet outlet poses a severe threat to the safety of the residents. A GFCI outlet can get wet due to flooding, leaking, or accidental spills. Whether an outlet gets wet in the […]

Fall Lighting

Fall lighting is an incredible way to convey the autumn season’s mood, even without red leaves, and early morning frost.