Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

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Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

There’s nothing cozier than sitting down in front of a fire to appreciate its warmth and ambiance. However, it isn’t free: fires can propagate some problems along with the good that goes with them. One way to acquire the best of both worlds is to get an electric fireplace. Here some of the benefits of electric fireplaces:

Ashes, ashes

Burning logs and wood does more than create ash. It can cause other problems — such as stray ashes, insects in the wood, and bark chips on the hearth. Also, there is having to empty ashes from the grate. Fires can be a messy business. Not including the smell, which isn’t so bad until it becomes tiresome. Electric fireplaces have none of these issues.


Fire and gas fireplaces have the dangers that go along with flames. Electric fireplaces don’t have flames, exactly, and the heat that is put off has frequently been compared to the warm air that comes out of a hairdryer. There’s not an open flame, no chimney, and no carbon monoxide. The only part that is too hot to touch is the central heating element. It makes it a good idea to utilize the standard safety precautions one would with any heating device.


Because it doesn’t burn wood, an electric fireplace doesn’t produce the particulates which have added to the Valley’s dirty air. Consequently, during ‘no-burn days’ created by the Maricopa Air Quality Department here in the Valley, the electric fireplace owner can bask in the warmth of their electric fireplace without worry that they’re propagating more pollution.


Electric fireplaces have options such as backlighting, side lighting, or even varied colors for the flame effect. You can also have the flame appear without the heat, which is useful in summer when you want to be mesmerized without becoming sweaty.


Electric fireplaces can be inserted, mantled, or hung on the wall, just like you would a piece of art. There are forced air and infrared forced choices. A forced-air model will heat up to 400 square feet, and an infrared model can heat up to 1000 square feet, for people with larger areas to heat.

Since electric fireplaces offer a number of options, it can become a focal point, like an entertainment center model or a more muted part of a room, such as a wall unit. Even if you choose to get a clean, versatile, beautiful electric fireplace, don’t forget the smoke detector, because safety should never be an afterthought.

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