Follow These Tips to Reduce Appliance Stress in Summer

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Follow These Tips to Reduce Appliance Stress in Summer

With summer approaching, temperatures can rise quickly, but so can electricity bills and appliance stress. Ensure the appliances are not overworked with these simple tips. They will not only protect the appliances but will help save money at the end of each month!

Chill with the cooling

Cooling and heating costs amount to a whopping 30 to 50% of a household’s energy bill, producing the most stress on the electrical system. Keep the HVAC system up-to-date and schedule maintenance and filter cleaning to get the most out of the AC units for the upcoming summer. Spring is a perfect time to get ahead of the curve when temps are not sky high, and people can work outside.

Programmable thermostats are also excellent for keeping electricity costs in check. With them, homeowners can turn the temperature up when no one is home, removing the need for the AC to blast at full force the entire day.

Don’t duct tape the ductwork

Contact a professional duct service to troubleshoot the HVAC system ducts. If the ducts are leaking air or are blocked, their efficiency will plummet, and the bills will rise.

Keep the fridge frosty

Fridges and freezers are some of the largest energy pits in the house. If their seals aren’t holding properly, they work overtime to keep the food safe. Additionally, ensure the freezer isn’t iced over, which heavily impacts how much it runs during the day.

Use hot water sparingly

Since summer is already hot enough, there’s no need to power up the water heater significantly. Tone down its thermostat and the results will be quickly visible on the energy bill. Additionally, take more showers instead of long baths.

Laundry gets expensive

Running the washing machines and the dishwasher generates additional heat the AC has to cool down. Consider drying the clothes on the line in good weather.

A bright idea

Indoor and outdoor lights are often used as people have more free time in the evenings. However, traditional iridescent bulbs give off a lot of heat and use up more electricity. Switch to more energy-efficient alternatives like CFL and LED technology.

For outdoor lighting, use motion sensors, timers, and smart technology to turn on the lights only when they are needed. This also increases security.

Plugging better outlets

Appliances that use idle power, such as those with clock indicators, power adapters, or standby lights, can siphon 5% off the total power bill when they’re not in active use. Consider bundling a few of these in a switch-outlet combo or a power strip to control them better and turn them completely off when unused.

Don’t DIY electrical work

If your home needs an electrical network remodel and install modern appliances to save money in the long run, contact a qualified electrician to perform the work without any risks.

ACT Electric performs quality, licensed and bonded work at affordable prices for both residential and commercial jobs. From troubleshooting to whole-house electrical renovations, their primary concern is the comfort and safety of their customers. Give them a call at (480)986-1722 today!