Great Places to Use LED Lighting in Your Home

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Great Places to Use LED Lighting in Your Home

As our dependence on electrical devices continues to grow, consumers have become more wary of leaving a carbon footprint for future generations. As a result, we search for greener options. One of those options is LED lighting.

As the price of LED lighting continues to drop, their flexibility and efficiency have started to lure consumers.  Even though they’re more economical than they used to be, LED lights still represent a significant amount of money to pay for ‘a light bulb.’ But, we like our lights, so the most obvious thing to do is to make the switch to LED bulbs a gradual process.

Go for the heavy-use bulbs first. Those are the lights that you turn on the most often, and leave on overnight, even if it’s by accident. For most people, these are lights in places like the fixture over the table or sofa, and the front door porch light.

Another place that LED’s are a good option are lights in inconvenient places. The prospect of avoiding a ladder to replace the carport light or the fixtures in high ceilings is an excellent motivator, especially if the replacement has a ten-year life.

Flexible LED strips offer a fantastic, modern look and creative lighting options that are unsurpassed. Since layered lighting–using more than one type of light in a room–offers an incredible style, standard LED bulbs utilized with indirect lighting via LED strips create a dramatic lighting effect.

Since LED lights are cool, adding one to the refrigerator will get rid of that hot little light bulb the kids are always turning on whenever they go to grab the milk. The cool touch is a great safety feature, too.

LED lighting, activated by motion sensors, is handy for places like stairways and dark hallways, where it’s nice to have the safety feature of automatic lighting when you need it (and even more helpful to have darkness when you don’t want lights).

LED strip lights over the sink and under the kitchen counters offer excellent visibility while preparing food. For people who cook, this is a big bonus. For folks who don’t cook, this is a great kitchen to invite others to cook.
*Creative, layered lighting is an excellent choice.