Planning Electrical Upgrades Part 1

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Planning Electrical Upgrades Part 1

While many are reluctant to venture out and interact with strangers, more people, because they’re home more, recognize that their house needs a little extra TLC to make it comfortable.

Now is an excellent time to assess your home’s electrical needs. By reviewing your requirements before calling, your electrician can perform several tasks at once. You’ll end up with a home that is more functional and comfortable than it has ever been.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to do a home electrical needs review, so you can determine much of what you’d like accomplished. A need and wish list offers excellent flexibility, whether you choose to have the entire list fulfilled at once or break it up into priorities. We also always urge our customers to talk to us about their electrical preferences, giving us a chance to chime in. Since we keep abreast of changes in the industry, we may know of new technology that can solve some of your electrical desires.

Let’s start the process!

Your breaker box

If you start at the service panel, you can never go wrong! If your breaker box is outfitted with a 200-amp capacity, you’re probably in good shape. But, if your electrical box only has 100 amps, you may find yourself underpowered.

For example, if you’re using your oven and the water heater, you’ll be pushing your 100-amp service if you use the toaster, vacuum, dehumidifier, or any other energy-hungry appliance.

Please take a moment to locate the main power shutoff switch and show everyone who is in the family where it is located. If, during your electrical assessment, you realize that you’re planning on adding more outlets or other electrical devices, consider upgrading your electrical panel.

Special family needs

An upgrade is especially wise if you have a large family, or if they enjoy many electrical appliances, computers, televisions, and video games. (Cost: between $800-$1200). Also, if you aren’t going to sell that deep freeze, need an outlet for the Christmas tree lights, or a home charger for your Prius, this is the time to install them.


If your home is over fifty years old or you know you have wiring issues, consider having your house rewired. Aging wires are subject to shorts and fires, and new wiring will solve that dilemma. Safe wiring will protect your home, property, and family.

In our next blog, we’ll talk about some specific electrical functions and what to look for before calling the electrician for a visit.

ACT Electric performs quality, licensed and bonded work at affordable prices for both residential and commercial jobs. From troubleshooting to whole-house electrical renovations, their primary concern is the comfort and safety of their customers. Give them a call at (480)986-1722 today!