Things to consider before updating electric wiring

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Things to consider before updating electric wiring

Suppose you purchase a house that has its original electrical system. The house is older, so some of the switches and outlets aren’t working correctly. Additionally, there hasn’t been an update to install ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to stop home electrocutions. It doesn’t take a vast stretch of the imagination to know why updating a home’s electrical system is essential for safety. Old wiring can even potentially cause fires, so here are some things to consider before updating your electric wiring:

Do I need to update my electrical?

If the home’s systems are older than twenty years or haven’t been updated to have GFCI protection, it’s time to update the electrical system. If there are frequent breaks or the outlets and switches seem dated, or there are too many circuits connected to one breaker, then it’s time for an update. It’s also a worthy cause if the wires appear to be loose or don’t seem to work correctly.

Is it worth it?

When a home’s electrical system is updated, it provides the homeowner with more amps to run power-heavy items such as ac units, computers, and other modern devices, protection from potential electrical hazards, and even fire. It’s easy to say it is well worth the time and money.

Should I do it myself?

Something that should be strongly discouraged is attempting to do inexperienced professional work. It’s safer to hire an expert to deal with it.

An electrician will use a wooden surface when working on fuse or circuit breaker boxes and a wooden ladder when messing with electrical wiring. He will ensure that the power is off before trying to replace a receptacle or switch or doing anything else with a circuit.

He will keep track of the fuses that belong to each circuit they activate and put this diagram inside the circuit breaker box.

He will also determine if any work permits are necessary from the city to work on the home.

We would be more than happy to help you with this endeavor, so if you have any questions or would like one of our electricians to come to assess your electrical system, give us a call!

ACT Electric performs quality, licensed and bonded work at affordable prices for both residential and commercial jobs. From troubleshooting to whole-house electrical renovations, their primary concern is the comfort and safety of their customers. Give them a call at (480)986-1722 today!