Warm Weather Electrical Projects

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Warm Weather Electrical Projects

The warm temperatures and longer daylight hours during summer offer the best time for the homeowners to accomplish electrical projects to make their life cooler and pleasant. There are several inexpensive and straightforward indoor and outdoor electrical projects you can carry out to make your home safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Here are some of the top electrical projects to accomplish this summer to upgrade your home and have some warm weather fun:

Repair or upgrade ceiling fans

Homeowners rely on air conditioners and fans to keep their homes cool and comfortable. These fans cool specific areas, improve air circulation, and cut down air conditioning usage, lowering your energy bills. Even a ceiling fan on the patio can raise the comfort level tremendously. Old ceiling fans will require inspection and tightening of electrical connections to keep it running. If your ceiling fan is not working as it used to, probably it is time to upgrade it with a new one. Ceiling fans are available in a range of colors, materials, and styles. Upgrading your old ceiling fan with a high-quality one will not only let you update the look and design of your home but will also make it more energy-efficient. Apart from ceiling fans, bathroom and attic fans will also require electrical work, such as wiring.

Outdoor lighting

During summers, people like to spend more time outside. Installing outdoor lightings make your home safe and adds to its curb appeal. Outdoor lighting includes front door lighting, porch/patio/gazebo/deck lighting, front walkway lighting, landscape lighting, and garage lighting.

Switch to dimmers

Installing dimmer switches indoors allow you to adjust the brightness of a room. You can lower the brightness for a romantic experience or relaxation and raise the brightness to focus.

Recessed or track lighting

Like dimmers, this indoor lighting upgrades will modernize your home’s interior. Recessed lighting helps create layers of light- both mellow and bright and also reduces dependency on standalone lamps. It gives you the option to create specific task lighting in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Repair and replace dead outlets

There may be few outlets in your home which are dead or loose and won’t hold a plug. These can be a potential fire hazard. It is essential to get all your outlets in shape and repair or replace them as needed. This will give you convenient access to your home’s electrical system. If your home is old, you might also have the problem of low and inconvenient placed outlets. You can install additional outlets where you need them, both indoors and outdoors.

Switch to LEDs

Converting your home lighting to LEDs can help you bring down your energy bills without compromising with the quality of life. LEDs use less wattage and won’t need frequent replacement.

Kitchen and bathroom lighting

Replacing your old and outdated light fixtures with modern designs for a contemporary look is an excellent way to go.

A professional and experienced electrician can diagnose the issues, repair problems, and upgrade the services. It is best to rely on a professional electrician for any electrical service needs, specialty electrical services, wiring, and electrical installation.

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