Commercial Electrical Service

Some of the types of businesses
we serve:

Electrical Maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance and troubleshooting can keep a business running smoothly. When electrical systems fail, a commercial entity can lose sales, product, and time. Successful troubleshooting of an electrical system means a business can get back to making money instead of being at the mercy of a faulty or dangerous electrical flaw.

Electrical Renovations

In the last ten years, technical innovation has created a stunning demand for electrical outlets, electronic data, sound systems and automation signals to move swiftly through home wiring. Home wiring which was more than suitable a short time ago may now require some remodeling to keep up with the demands of the household.

Electrical Signs

Electrical signage means the difference between being seen or missed by potential customers. How, where, and what type of signage needs to not only make your business visible, but it has to pass the local building code. Mistakes by the electrical company will cost the business customers–don’t let that happen. Hire an electrician with experience for an electrical signage project.

Phone Jack Wiring

When a business wants a landline phone or wants an outdated phone jack replaced, our experts can wire or rewire a landline phone system so that it can provide a crystal clear connection for years.

Underground Wiring

Underground wiring makes ugly and potentially hazardous wiring a thing of the past. We work with the local authority to add or repair underground wiring for a business to produce a clean, uncluttered look and safe power.

Office Wiring

Office wiring can include anything from dedicated circuits, emergency lighting, security cameras, light fixtures, audio, video, and computer wiring. We can provide, repair or upgrade any facet of office wiring in a swift, professional manner.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has taken the commercial lighting market by storm due to its flexibility, longevity, and energy efficiency. We can help a business choose, design, and install LED lighting appropriate for the needs of the business.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting offers safety to vehicle traffic and passengers. But outdoor lighting shouldn’t interfere with the rights of neighboring properties or violate local codes. An expert can help choose, install, and service parking lot lighting, which will maximize savings in utility and maintenance costs.

Ballast Replacement

Faulty fluorescent light fixtures may be due to a faulty ballast. We replace light ballasts of all types.

Light Pole Repair

Outdoor lighting guides pedestrian and vehicle traffic as well as providing an additional layer of attention and security to the property. Choosing and installing outdoor lighting should be performed by a professional well-versed in lighting laws and safety practices.

Office & Warehouse Lighting

From signage to task lighting, your business depends on illumination to draw attention to the premises and make it safe for visitors and employees. Strategic lighting also offers both allure and ambiance when fixture placement is strategized

Fluorescent Lighting

We can help you make upgrades and improvements to your existing fluorescent lighting, while keeping them up to code and ensuring that they are well-maintained at all times. 

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting offers a safe exit for tenants and visitors in the event of an evacuation, and also guides emergency responders safe passage should the need arise.

Lightning Arresters

Lightning arrestors and surge protection doesn’t just prevent a fire. Delicate electronic systems can be damaged or destroyed by electrical surges, which can be prevented or minimized with effective lightning arrestors and surge protectors.

Video/Audio Wiring

Video and audio wiring systems can get tricky. Not only because of licensing fees, but also because, without proper guidance, the cost of sound system components can rise fast. A professional can help you get the right system for your situation, whether it’s music for a gym, a PA system for a school, or a complete system for a multiplex.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be used to trigger lights, security systems, or a host of other applications. Well-placed motion sensors are practical and cost-efficient, which will save money as well as fixture wear.

Dedicated Electrical Circuits

Dedicated electrical circuits offer the power a piece of equipment needs without the draw of other electrical components to cause a circuit breaker to trip or wiring hazard.

220V Circuits

Heavy-duty circuits offer significant power for the tools, appliances, and other electrical equipment that a company might need to conduct business. But, at twice the power of a standard outlet, these circuits require careful handling.

Exit Signs

Correct placement of exit signs direct traffic during regular business and offer guidance, whether it’s for a single individual or a mass exodus.

Standby Generators

A standby generator can keep a business up and running during a power outage, an emergency, or a natural disaster. While other companies fail in an unexpected event, a property with a standby generator is prepared for anything.