ACT Electric is passionate about your comfort and safety. Our professional electricians are licensed and bonded for any type of electrical work.

Electrical Installation

When you need a professional electrical installation, call us! We install breaker panels, generators, recessed lighting, ceiling fans, attic fans, Smart appliances, home theater wiring, light fixtures, dimmers, outlets, and more. If your business has code compliance issues, we can handle code inspections & corrections, outlets, emergency lighting, and more.

Electrical Repairs

We repair breaker panels, outlets, basic 2/3 prong outlets, air conditioner lines, washer/dryer & other appliance lines, doorbell systems, recessed lighting, outlets and switches, circuits, and more. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ultricies lorem at eros sollicitudin ornare. Suspendisse at sapien convallis, eleifend neque eu, interdum ex. Nulla risus nibh, suscipit vitae urna eget, finibus ultricies ante.

Signs you may need an Electrical Upgrade:

Benefits of an Electrical Upgrade

Our complete home rewiring plan will provide an assessment of the current and future needs of the occupants, including wiring, lighting, fire, and security options. We create a detailed plan with the current infrastructure in mind. Rewiring goals include seamless integration with the existing decor and focal areas to supply power for specific needs. There should be some flexibility to allow for the surprises an old structure inevitably brings. The steps of the project will be orderly and as tidy as possible. Finally, the rewiring project is ready to pass inspection.