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Home lighting gives a property curb appeal and ambiance while making it safer to navigate at the same time. Lighting upgrades are a popular option with homeowners who want a new look for their home without a total remodel.

Lighting Services

Dimmer Switches

The ability to dim lights can offer sweet mood lighting and save on eyestrain. Dimmer switches are handy in bedrooms, dining areas, and more. Mood lighting is beautiful and saves energy, as well, making it a wise option for many areas of the home.

Kitchen Lighting

Being able to do tasks in the kitchen, as well as having the ability to control the lighting in various areas of the kitchen, offers delight to cooks, family, and visitors. We offer ceiling, wall, and undercabinet lighting. Including task lighting, strip lighting, or ambient or accent lighting.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides security, safety for visitors, and curb appeal for the home. We can provide an outdoor lighting package that will address all of these needs.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can make a room feel bigger and highlight walls, making them especially useful for walls with bookcases, art, and more. Recessed lighting is also safer than hanging lights, particularly in homes with exceptionally tall people or boisterous children.

Security Lighting

Security lighting will make your home safer, both by illuminating areas where mischief can occur and by providing visitors with a safe passage at night. Also, we can install security lighting that will make a home into a showplace during the evening hours.

Tree Lighting

Whether a homeowner enjoys the twinkle of wrap lighting, tea lights, or party lanterns, tree lighting makes a property safer while offering whatever mood the homeowner wishes to convey, for example — enchanting, elegant, or fun!

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting provides atmosphere, color, and enhances a home both inside and out. Decorative lighting sets a theme and creates ambiance. Let us install your decorative lighting today! 

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting can make a person look glamorous or ghoulish. But, good lighting in a bathroom can offer an accurate portrait of how a person looks, making shaving, makeup, and all of the other bathroom mirror projects easier. Even the person who is just washing their hands doesn’t want to shudder when they see the image that bad lighting projects into the bathroom mirror. We can fix poor bathroom lighting! Just give us a call.