ACT Electric is passionate about your comfort and safety. Our professional electricians are licensed and bonded for any type of electrical work.

When the steady, dependable power electrical wiring offers is disrupted, it could be something as simple as resetting the GFCI in another room, or breaker. But, it could also be something more serious. If the outlet sparks, smokes, or shocks anyone in the home, call ACT Electric immediately. We have decades of wiring experience. Our expert electrician will troubleshoot and repair the outlets and wiring, including all two-prong receptacles, as they represent a danger. We can also install GFCI or AFCI outlets to protect your home and loved ones from shock, electrocution, and fire dangers.

Here are some of the wiring tasks we can perform for you:

Wiring Services

Appliance Wiring

We have the tools, time, and expertise to install your appliance safely. New appliances can be expensive and need to be handled with care. Even if your appliance is part of an extensive Smart home set-up, our extensive experience means your appliances will be installed quickly and expertly.

Kitchen Wiring

Kitchen wiring offers everything from GFCI protection to voice-activated faucets. Because the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s the most obvious place to have quality lighting, appliances, and other electrical conveniences. We keep abreast of the latest in kitchen technology that families will love.

Ceiling Fan Wiring

A ceiling fan is one of the most-requested building upgrades by homeowners, and 85% of potential buyers say they want ceiling fans in a home. We can both wire a house for a new one and replace an old one if it shorts out, becomes dated, or isn’t to the homeowner’s liking. In addition to making a house feel cooler in summer, ceiling fan blades can be reversed in winter to help lower heating costs. It’s an economical electrical upgrade that pays off by raising the comfort level of a room dramatically.

Computer Wiring

We can offer help with low-voltage computer cabling, dedicated circuits, expanding a network, and more for the savvy computer user who wants to be connected but doesn’t want a mass of jumbled wiring or connection problems.

Phone-jack Wiring

When a homeowner wants a landline phone or wants their old jack replaced, our experts can wire or rewire the landline phone so that it can provide a crystal clear connection for years.

Pool & Hot Tub Wiring

Water and electricity never mix, so having a qualified electrician wire a pool or hot tub not only protects the equipment from damage but can also prevent a nasty accident. A hot tub that is wired incorrectly can void the warranty. Wiring for water features performed by an expert offers safety and peace of mind.

Smoke Detector Wiring

Some smoke detector locations do not lend themselves readily to frequent battery changes. By wiring those smoke detectors, a homeowner can rest easy knowing the smoke detector is powered without the headache of having to climb up a ladder to change the battery.

Doorbell Wiring

Smart doorbells have become a paragon of basic home security. Without indulging in a high monthly bill or even needing to answer the door, a homeowner can see what is happening at their front door and deal with visitors from anywhere their cell phone can obtain a connection. While these doorbells can operate with a battery connection, we can hardwire them to provide years of trouble-free, battery-free use.

Why work with ACT Electric for your wiring needs?

Wiring can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how well it’s installed, repaired, and maintained. We’d like for ACT Electric to be the company you call for all your wiring needs. We promise that we will address those needs with professionalism and integrity. Your comfort and safety are our priority!